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Mobile-laptop Screen Is Responsible, After All What Is The Right Age Of Puberty Of Girls? , Mobile-laptop Screen Is Responsible, After All, What Is The Right Age Of Puberty Of Girls?

3 minutes agoAuthor: Alisha Sinha

Why the sudden discussion of puberty today? That is because cases of premature puberty have been reported in young girls in most countries. Earlier it was believed that due to Kovid infection, physical changes are visible in the girls.

The European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology proved this hypothesis wrong in one of its research. In which it has been said that the reason for early puberty is not corona infection, but the use of smart gadgets. You all know the meaning of smart gadgets – mobile, laptop, tablet or TV.

You must be thinking that this research is from abroad, then why are we talking about it.

Actually, during the lockdown, most of the children in India were studying from mobile, laptop or tablet only. Not only this, the children could not go to play in the field, so they were also spending their time after studies in mobile. So we thought to talk to the experts of our country on this research as well.

Our experts are Dr. Preeti Arora Dhamija, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sitaram Indian Institute of Science Education and Research and Dr. Neera Bhan, MD, MBBS, MRCOG, LONDON. So let’s start…

Question- What is meant by puberty, which is premature in young girls?
Dr. Preeti Arora Dhamija-
Puberty is a period in which major changes take place in the body of a boy or girl. Many types of development and growth are seen in their body.

Question- How to know that puberty has started in your baby?
By the way, parents themselves have also gone through this phase. They are also alert about this age of their children. Despite this, it tells you some symptoms, which you can read in the graphic below…

Question- Girls who are having early puberty due to smart gadgets, what can they do to protect themselves from it?
According to Dr. Mitte Ferrin, Youngster and Teen Psychiatrist Consultant,

  • Minimize or avoid the use of electronic devices before bedtime.
  • It is not right to use the gadget throughout the day or for a long time.
  • Watch fitness videos in mobile so that you can try to keep yourself fit.
  • Parents should allow children to use mobile for a limited time only.

Question- Apart from smart gadgets, what is the reason for puberty in girls?
Dr. Neera Bhan-
Your brain has a hypothalamus gland, which produces certain chemicals. Because of this your body develops and some changes come.

Some common questions of parents regarding puberty, which they want to know from the doctor. We are telling this to the experts…

Parent- My daughter has become very irritable, what should I do?
Dr. Neera Bhan-
Hormonal changes are taking place in the baby for a few years. That’s why parents…

  • There should be no quarrel with him.
  • He shouldn’t shout.
  • Try to understand them.

Read the answers to some more questions related to puberty in the graphic below and also share with others

Now let’s take some questions of the girls…

Question- Changes have started in my friends body, periods have started coming, but I am not coming, so am I not normal?
Dr. Neera Bhan-
Yes, you are completely normal. There’s no need to be worried. The symptoms of puberty can come in someone at 9 years, then in 13 years. This is common. It is not necessary that at the age at which changes come in your friends, only then they should come in you too.

Question- One of my breasts is bigger and the other is smaller than that, why so?
Dr. Neera Bhan-
The growth of both breasts occurs in different stages, but eventually both will reach the same size. So don’t worry.

Question- Will my height stop increasing after my periods?
Dr. Neera Bhan-
No. Usually the height of girls increases rapidly by 14-15 years. Even after this, their height increases, but the rate of growth, that is, the speed in which the height was increasing, decreases slightly after the periods.

Question- I sleep a lot and I feel hungry too, is this normal?
Dr. Neera Bhan-
You have to think that there is so much growth and cell division happening in your body, due to which more and more of your energy is being diverted into these things. When the energy goes there, you will be tired and you will feel more hungry.

  • Even when you are feeling hungry, eat only a healthy balance diet.
  • You have to do more exercise, so that your body remains strong.

Question- I got my periods early and my mother said that do not tell anyone, do not touch this household item, do not touch that. This keeps me stressed. what to do
In such a situation, parents should take care of the girls. They should not be looked at as untouchables at all. Parents are requested that if their daughters have early puberty, then explain to the daughter and not put more pressure on her under social pressure.

This causes him stress or shock. In such a situation, parents should deal with love and maturity. Do not put your heart and mind on the words of others, keep yourself busy in studies. This is a naive process. All girls have to go through this.

while going

How did it come to know that due to smart gadgets, premature puberty is coming in young girls?

  • Scientists from Turkey’s Ghazi University and Ankara City Hospital conducted research on 18 female rats.
  • They were exposed to different types of LED lights for more or less time.
  • After which it was found that the rats that spent more time in front of the light, they matured sooner than the others.
  • The blue light emitted from the device’s screen can reduce the amount of melatonin hormone in the body.
  • This hormone is released in our brain and regulates sleep. Along with this, the amount of hormones used in reproduction can also increase, due to which puberty can come before time.

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Mobile-laptop Screen Is Responsible, After All What Is The Right Age Of Puberty Of Girls? , Mobile-laptop Screen Is Responsible, After All, What Is The Right Age Of Puberty Of Girls?

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Mobile-laptop Screen Is Responsible, After All What Is The Right Age Of Puberty Of Girls? , Mobile-laptop Screen Is Responsible, After All, What Is The Right Age Of Puberty Of Girls?

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