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Persian Style Taftan Recipe

Persian Style Taftan Recipe is a leavened Bread that is famous from Persian, Pakistani and Uttar Pradesh. The bread is made from milk, yogurt and eggs. The bread is then sometimes flavored with saffron cardamom as well. It is then topped with kalonji seeds and baked in the often till golden brown.

Note: I have over the years noticed that the flour that is used is very important to get the right texture. The more fresh the flour the better the bread, the more the flour has sat in your flour box or an opened packet, the less fresh it feels. The flours also differ from region to region, so it takes time getting used to a flour and before you know and get adapted to the new flour.

Serve the Persian Style Taftan Recipe along with Khoresht Fesenjan Recipe and Mint And Pomegranate Raita Recipe

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